My Virgin Media TV service has gone back to the normal size M. Hmmm… no point in wasting money subscribing size XL because after using size XL for two months, I did not miss it, neither did Mee. Most of the time, we will just browse through the available channels to see if there are any programs that interest us. Otherwise, we will just turn to video streaming. Top Gear and The Gadget Show have always been my priority. Well, who does not like dream cars and fancy gadgets. I just cannot get enough with gadgets though I am quite satisfied to just driving an old car as long as it does not cause me any problems. Compare Ferrari parts and my car’s parts, there is a huge gap in prices. Nevertheless, quality affects the prices too.

My broadband speed is still 2MB and I am quite lazy to deal with those customer services chaps. The last call I had with the customer services was about intermittent disconnection of my broadband. I asked about my broadband speed but was told to do a speed check once the broadband is backed up again. He added that having 2MB and 10MB does not affect the browsing speed. It only affects when I am downloading files. My question is, ‘doesn’t browsing involve downloading files from the web hosts’ servers?’ Clever guys…

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