Windows 7 on my netbook …

It is raining at the moment. The weather seems to have turned bright and sunny to cloudy and rainy in just 24 hours time. Just last night, I installed Windows 7 on my netbook. I was equally impressed because it only took 30 minutes to get everything setup and running. The only problem that I experience is with Samsung Display Manager program where it crashed during startup. It was all good when I re-run the program through the start menu shortcut. I will do some experiment later and apparently, there have been reports about this Samsung Display Manager start up problem on Windows 7.

My McAfee VirusScan is not compatible with Windows 7 and it did not even pass the initialisation. Eventually, I downloaded the free Virgin Media Security with incorporates Anti Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Ad-Blocker and the likes. You name it and it has it. I am not sure how strong it is but it seems to be using AVG antivirus which I believe it is not free anymore if you visit its website. So far, everything is good and I will try to do some Windows update on the netbook later. If the updates are fine, I will then update them on my pc.

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