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Another Friday again. Mee and I are still thinking whether or not to freeze our gym membership for next month due to the renovation. There will be classes for the first and last week of the month but we are wondering if it will be safe to be inside the gym. I know health and safety is important in this country but there are also lots of neglect cases happening around. Even a small renovation going on at a room under my office had caused power failure a couple of times.

I watched Top Gear last night. It was an old show about rv for sale in this country. Well, as I mentioned before, this country is only interested in caravans and rv seems to be a little too huge. There is a family who lives near the place I live now who has both rv and caravan. I am just thinking if they already have an rv, why did they bother to keep the caravan? To me, caravan is too much a hassle; you have to attach it at the back of the car, you cannot drive too fast and the fuel consumption will be very high. Anyway, I cannot imagine myself spending money on caravan and going on a local vacation on a caravan.

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  1. Magicians Hampshire

    I am in the same boat I really would like a camper van but practically and for space a Caravan is much better.

    Arggh if it wasn’t for the dog and children I would get a VW tmw!


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