Happy Birthday Mee !!!

It was Mee’s birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday to Mee! Hmm…. I could have posted this yesterday but I was really busy these days. The deadline is getting nearer and nearer and I have to be sure that there will be no problem with my web system once people start using it. Anyway, I did post a note on Mee’s facebook wall. I had also given her a birthday card and she has got the present that she wanted. Everyone is happy then. She made herself a chocolate mousse cake and it was really nice. A bit of shame really because I do not know how to bake cake. I offered to buy one for her but she said that it would be better off that she make one herself.

Two days ago, I ordered a mouse for use with my netbook. I find it quite difficult to use my netbook to work from home without a proper mouse. It is the Logitech LS1 Laser mouse and it arrived yesterday. It is a basic mouse and I love the idea of laser instead of optical. Well, laser supposes to work on almost any surface while optical does not work well in some surfaces. There are two other technologies that I know which will work on any surface; they are called the Darkfield Laser Tracking by Logitech and Microsoft Blue Track. Nevertheless, mice equip with these technologies are very expensive. I would only want to spend £15 maximum for a mouse.

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