Unpredictable weather

Quite a nice day to start with today; bright and sunny where as yesterday was cloudy and raining. It was forecasted that this week will be hot. As you may have known, UK has a new prime minister elected and he is from a different party as before. I have not heard much news about this government but all I heard were rise in taxes, again and employment opportunities are still as bad as before, maybe worse. Foreign exchange rate is also at its lowest in recent years. But we cannot really expect a lot of things to change immediately or get better when the new government has only been in charge less than a year, can we?

Yesterday, I was frustrated when I worked from home. The network was a bit slow and it screwed up some of my files. Luckily, I have a copy of my files in the server before I went home last Friday. But then, it means that all the work that I have done yesterday is wasted.

At dinner time yesterday, Mee and I went to Café Rouge to celebrate her belated birthday. It is the same place where I went with my colleagues for last year Christmas lunch. As expected, the food was nice though the wait was a little bit too long as there were not many customers at that time. However, the food was worth the wait.

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