Breakdown cover

Just last week, I was quite active logging in Facebook, posting walls and making comments. This week however, I am only checking some status every morning and that is it. It is just one of those days where I have a sudden urge to do something and after a while, I just stop completely. I am not sure why but certainly, regular facebook-ers sure have lots of things to post. Well, I just cannot post just about anything. Besides, Windows Mobile facebook application is just simple and not too great to use.

Guess what, my email inbox is now swarming with auto insurance deals especially price comparison websites which I had visited last year. I just hope that this year, I could get an auto insurance deal with breakdown cover just like the deal that I got last year. I do not need to have 24 hour towing but a simple cover would be more than enough. If there is no insurance deal that comes with breakdown cover, I will be in a dilemma. Touchwood to begin with, I do not really feel the need to have breakdown cover but having it is just giving me a piece of mind. Back in Malaysia, I never had a breakdown cover. I think majority of the drivers in Malaysia do not buy breakdown cover. It is easy enough to call your mechanic in case your car is having some sort of crisis. Well, that may be different in UK because if you call your mechanic after office hours, you might end up with huge bills or your mechanic may even decide not to answer your call at all.

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