The gym

Well, my previous post was actually written at around 1am this morning. Hence, I was referring to 21st May as hot. Nevertheless, today is even hotter. I still went to the gym but I did not attend the spinning class. Sometimes, I just do not like to go to the spinning class because of the bikes. I do not think that the handles of the bike are up to industrial handles standard. There are only a few good ones available. In fact, the design of the bikes looks Stone Age and even after servicing; they are still clunky to ride. It has been promised that after the renovation, there will be 20 new bikes.

The ventilation in the gym was not great and I could feel the heat inside the gym. To counter that, I drank a lot of water. By the way, I am using the new supplement now. It tastes different as I am quite used to PhD products already. I used to think that Maximuscle products taste better but now, I think PhD products taste better. Who knows, maybe after getting used to Maximuscle products, I might say Maximuscle products taste better.

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