Unexpected leaflet

Today was scorching hot. In the office, we switched on the air-conditioning. Unfortunately for me, I had to park my car to the other side of the college. Most of the spaces were taken by the construction workers’ vans and trucks as they were doing some renovation work. It is not really a long way to my office but the weather was that hot that I wished I could be in the office as soon as I got off from my car.

While I was walking towards my car after work, I saw a piece of paper tucked on one of the windscreen wipers. Well, I thought that must be one of the pizza leaflets because there are a few pizza outlets around the area. However, it was indeed a leaflet but it was a list of funeral cost packages. It did not really surprise me as there is one funeral service right next to the college. I am just not too sure that this kind of advertising suits them.

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