Cheap things may not be bad

Every Wednesday, there is a free newspaper that gets distributed around the area where Mee and I live. It is called the Extra. More often than not, it will come with tons of leaflets; pizzas, restaurants, tesco, morrisons, matalan and the likes. This week, the leaflet that actually caught my attention was matalan. It was having some kind of promotions with baby clothes start from £1 and adult clothes start from £4. How cheap is that? Matalan is like Primark, selling clothes at low prices. Their quality is not too bad but you might find everyone is wearing them the moment you start wearing the clothes that you buy from them. Well, I bought a normal jacket from Primark a few years back and I am still wearing it now. It has no brand printed on it and it is just a plain dark blue jacket. I love wearing it because the thickness is just about right for me. I always tell Mee that cheap things are not normally good. But sometimes, or once in a while, they are a bargain.

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