Washing car …

No joke! This is the weather right now. In fact, this is the weather throughout today. I washed my car today and whenever the water was poured on the car, it evaporated into the air. It is always tough to wash car under the sun especially when I have to several trips in and out of the house to get water. How easy it would be for me to wash my car if there was a tap outside the house. I only have two pails and by the time I carried one pail out of the house, the car was dried already. Therefore, I had to wash parts by parts. Tough, tough, tough and not a very good experience.

Mee is very hardworking today. She works from 1000 till 2100 and because of that, she had instructed me to run some errands. The shops open at 1100 on Sunday but by 1030, it was full of people. They must be enjoying the weather today and I just could not wait to finish my shopping and go back home. There were just too many people and every few steps, there will be someone in front of you, either smoking or walking very slowly.

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