Hot hot days …

Today is not too bad. It is hot but not as hot as yesterday. The hot weather yesterday was giving me a real headache. When I reached home, I just wanted to go out again. Indeed, Mee and I went to Tesco; Mee had the opportunity to shop while I took advantage of the air conditioning and the time to cool off myself. Still, when we reached home, the house was not pleasant to stay. I wonder if I should go to the gym today. It might be real hot inside with all the sweaty smell and sticky feeling.

Not having enough of sleep is really causing a lot of health problem. Last week, I practically slept at 0300 every day and by the end of the week, my face is full of acne. Real big ones. Start from this week, I will try to sleep early and yesterday was a good start. I slept at 0100. You might ask; what was I doing? Three things to sum it up; games, tv and internet.

I received a lot of comments on my blogs and I really appreciate people who have taken the initiative to leave valuable comments. However, most comments were left without given much thought. I believe that they simply want to advertise or create valuable links for their website. Please do not leave irrelevant comments. I monitor all comments and I will delete the inappropriate ones.

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