Last working day of May

The college has been quite busy lately. Especially with the MIS team as well as the IT team. In the college, MIS and IT are two separate team with different job function. MIS in charge of information while IT is in charge of infrastructure. As the IT team is outsourced, and they have some changes in the IT team contract, the principal is looking forward to improving the IT infrastructure. Overhaul might be the right word. Sadly, we have not managed to move to a new site which was planned almost a year ago. Newly build metal buildings are always going to be better than old school like compound area. Since the new site was history, we will just have to focus on our current available resources and how we can make full use of it.

Well, tomorrow is the last working day of May. In terms of the web system which I have developed, I believe that it is available for trial. I have not tested it intensively but I guess that I shall leave it to the people who are going to do the trial. Fingers crossed that there should not be any major issue. After all, this is the first time I have created a web system which will eventually be used college wide, if successful. But I do not think they have many options because I have created it based on what they have requested.

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