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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I would stop my diet supplements when the new order arrived. And no doubt, I have stop drinking my supplements on a daily basis. Instead, I only drink it before and after each workout. There were worries that my weight might drop but I think everything went pretty good and I still maintain my current weight. I have not reached my targeted weight though.

I logged on Facebook yesterday and read a few of my friends’ wall post. There was a Facebook app that calculates the ideal weight. It was not the BMI thingy and it used some kind of formula that was not known to me. Anyway, my weight is over the calculated ideal weight. I still feel that I am skinny though. I guess the idea of ideal weight is same but different to everyone. By the way, I found my ex-boss in Facebook and of course, I have added him as my friends. A couple of days ago, Mee told me about seeing him in Facebook through one of her ex-colleagues’ profile. Hmm… I worked for him for almost three years and it was like six years back. He taught me a lot and appreciated it. Isn’t technology great? I will still be able to keep in touch with him as well as my friends even though we are in different part of the world!

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