The new gym

The gym’s refurbishment will start next week. We reckon that it will be chaotic. All of the classes are cancelled except spinning. So, it is going to be a fun three weeks. By the way, the new spinning bikes are in and it should be nice to be on spinning class once a while. One thing that kind of angered us is that we are not allowed to freeze our membership account anymore because the management said so. And the refurbishment will take three weeks in which we have limited access to all the equipment and we are not given any discount. Anyway, ignore me because I am just ranting. There are no other gym nearer to the place I live and there is no need to worry about parking. The opening hours is long and we are looking forward to the new gym in July. It will be fantastic.

My recent supplements order came with a piece of leaflet that encourages us to write to the minister in regards to the ban of supplements that is introduced by the European Union. It is kind of sad because I think majority of the supplement products are being used for years. Have you heard of anyone that died after consuming these supplements? It is almost absurb to ban something that exists for so long. Some online supplement store might close as a result of this. Some great sites like may no longer have articles that helps us to understand the power of supplements. Anyway, I certainly hope that we will not be affected by this new ban. I tried to find more information about it and apparently, it was being discussed in 2002 but it has not said whether or not the ban has been applied.

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    I am starting to go gym and I want to pump up my muscles a bit. At the moment I am going Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu, and on Friday I play a bit of football and cricket.please help me to manage time schedule.thanks.

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    I’m planning on getting inked tattoo in 10 days but, i have gym class everyday, the day after I get the tattoo is a conditioning day so I’ll either be doing push ups, sit ups, running or something to that effect. please help me.

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    I’m 24 years old and want to gain weight.Can anyone tell me what apparatus should i use a the gym, weight lifting, treadmill, etc,thanks

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    I’m planning to attend the gym. What are the best exercises/equipment for trekking and should I concentrate on cardio over weights etc.

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