The gym better be ready

I have just looked at the latest World Cup score and Serbia is ahead of Germany by one goal. How bizarre considering that Germany is a great team and the way they played their first match against Australia was incredible. Well, almost incredible in my opinion. Anyway, do you think they will win Serbia at the final whistle? I believe they will.

Tonight, I believe the whole Basingstoke town will be deserted. In fact, I think it will be same in every town in the UK. England will be playing against Algeria at 1930.

My weight has not dropped drastically since I stopped using the supplement daily. Well, the feeling is kind of great since I do not have to rely on one particular thing in order to maintain my weight. Occasionally, my weight drops more than I expect but as soon as I start eating more, I gain the dropped weight. The heaviest that I got was about 500 grams away from my ideal weight. I just have to keep on trying a variation of food and exercise. It has been two weeks without regular gym classes and losing abdominal fat proves to be a bit difficult. I still do a lot of crunches and press-ups whenever I am in the gym but it does not seem to be enough. Personally, I feel pilates work better on abdominal as most of the pilates exercises rely on abdominal muscles. I believe the gym is almost finish its renovation now and they are just waiting for the new equipment to come. I just cannot wait to see the finish product.

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