Am I a PC guy? …

I never thought that I was a PC guy. Computer was not really my ‘thing’ and only my brother and sister had gone to computer classes in secondary school. I was studying in a different school and I never attended computer classes even though computer classes were offered. Our first home computer was given by our uncle (my mother’s brother) more than 15 years ago. It was an Apple computer with no hard disk drive and running on a 5.25” floppy diskette. The monitor only displayed black and green and the first game I played was 2D arcade racing game where the car went vertically and the mission was to press left or right to avoid other cars. As the level went up, so were the speed and the amount of cars to avoid.

A few years after than, my father bought a new computer which was aimed to help my brother and sister in using computer at home rather than relying on the computers at school. Well, that was what I thought. I believe that was in 1993. The computer came with a dot matrix printer which is still in my hometown! Hmm…. that was when I got very addicted to computer. I started borrowing and copying games from my friends. It was not long before I realised that the computer was not capable of running newer games. That was the time when I started to learn about hardware stuff; processors and RAMs. Furthermore, the computer came with only DOS Menu. After I got bored with DOS menu, I installed Windows 3.1 onto that computer.

Three years later, we got another new computer and it cost less than our first computer. It came with Windows 95 and we were sort of jaw-dropped when the computer was switched on. We entered the World Wide Web at 28.8kbps that year. I later switched it over the Windows Millenium which was crap and then Windows 98. At the end of my secondary school year, I studied computing at INTI College Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Excited but at the end of the course, 70% of my course-mates chose to pursue other career paths. I am still very loyal and very much involve in computer. On a normal day, the only time that I am not looking at a computer is when I sleep or probably driving.

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  1. Majorca Stag Weekend

    I am using labels to print out addresses from Business Objects. I set my laser printer properties to use a manual feed, for labels at A4 I get one sheet that comes out fine and then a blank sheet then a printed one. It means that I have to go back and put the labels back in and there are a lot of addresses! I know it sounds like a margin problem but this just used to work. Any ideas? Thanks…

  2. brass carriage clock

    Really this is bad.Ive been addicted to computer games but its a mild addiction but over a long period of time my parents now dont really care coz their used to it but now i can see the effect,i am barely hanging on.I need help on kicking this addiction.

  3. printed labels

    Mine 14 year old brother, only have school 3 days of the week for 3 hours, and apparently have an ‘addiction’ to the computer. He is on for at least 14-16 hours every day. My mom complains about it all the time, and I really worry regarding the future of my brother.

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