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The management has decided to introduce a new staff ID badge which will also work as electronic sign in and sign out. We are still wondering how they are going to restrict the entrance to our office because we have so many entrances and different buildings. And the students are going to have ID badges as well but with different colour from the staffs. Most of the things are not finalized yet and most probably they are going to do a last minute job. The support staffs, which include me, are going to suffer. This is almost like the style of UK government where they just decide on something which they think is great but in the end, they either find it too tedious or the responses are not as good as expected. As a results, money is wasted, resources are used and no achievements.

Anyway, the management is discussing with some business card printing company and in the near future, we will be able to trace each and every staff’s trail in the office. Maybe we need to swipe our ID badge to get into toilet!

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    I’ve got my own business card layout exactly the way it should be, don’t need help in designing or formatting a card, just need to print.

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