Sports day …

England lost to Germany. It is almost as expected because England has been poor right from the start of the World Cup. They way they play are very English; on a good day, they can beat any team, on a bad day, they lose to the unnamed teams. Sadly, they have more bad days than good days. Their spirit never dies and that’s the truth. Arrogant or confident, you name it.

The gym is ready. It looks fabulous. 95% of the equipment is new and most of the cardio machines have individual LCD TV at the front. The placement of the equipment makes the gym looks spacious yet it is disappointing that they did not do anything to the class-room. And the always-not-working-air-conditioning system is not being replaced. The good news is the classes resume this week and Mee and I are ready to assault our body by booking ourselves in a class a day start from today. Two classes were taken out; steps and body jam. Steps is replaced by Yoga while body jam is cancelled simply because the management is not paying for the licence fee anymore.

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