Daily updates

Last Sunday, I went to the town centre. It was full of people because of the good weather. I did some window shopping as I have not done it in weeks. I could not find a reason to make a purchase as some of the items were still considered expensive even after discounts. Among the cheaper items were sweaters, cardigans and boots because they are not current season items. Anyway, I saw a pair of Nike shoes at a discounted price but I could not find my size. I still bought it because Mee should be able to wear it comfortably.

We had our first yoga class today. It was good but we thought pilates is harder. I believe it will get harder each time.

Tomorrow, I will be going to another college to attend a software user group meeting. This time, I will be going alone because my manager needs to do a presentation. It should be exciting and maybe a little bit boring for me. I guess I will just sit there and listen to them because, so far, we have had not much problems with the software. Next week is going to be very exciting for me and Mee.

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