Car insurance deal again

I have not really got the time to do much about my car insurance. It will expire in a couple of weeks time and the best deal is when I renew my car insurance policy with my current car insurance provider. I have tried a few car insurance comparison websites previously and a few car insurance providers quoted me roughly the same price for both third party, fire and theft policy and comprehensive policy. I am thinking about calling my current car insurance policy provider for a quote if I opt for comprehensive policy. However, as my insurance policy is going to be expired soon, I might just let it renew as it is instead of going through the hassles of comparing and reading car insurance reviews to find out which one of them is giving out the best deal.

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    Right now i am planning to change I’m change my auto insurance carrier, what insurance company can offer me the best deal when it comes to providing cheap auto insurance in a combo package?thanks.

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    Few people in my family actually drive with a license let alone insurance.I’m only 24, how can I and where can I get CHEAP car insurance from?

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    I am planning to sell my car. If I want to rent a car, am I required to buy their rental car insurance, since I wouldn’t have any other auto insurance otherwise?

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    Can anyone let me know that how much money does car insurance go up per year after an accident that is your own fault?

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