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I am going after a new gadget, again. It is not iPad and certainly not iPhone. It is phone related and I am about to get myself a HTC Desire. It is not exactly a new phone now but it is considered one of the hottest smartphone at the moment. It has been compared to iPhone 4 and other similar models like Samsung Galaxy S. In case you do not know, I am currently using Samsung Omnia i900.

To clear some air here, iPhone is just too expensive to own. I do not really mind about the latest issue about the drop of signal but the price tag has really put me off. Even a contract with my current mobile service provider would cost at least £25 per month plus a phone price. Getting the handset on its own would cost around £700. HTC Desire costs just £350. I cannot justify why iPhone 4 would cost double.

I will probably be getting it within this week but I am still deciding whether or not to trade in my Samsung Omnia which will probably save me about £60 – £70 in exchange for a second hand £325 HTC Desire. As mentioned, a first hand HTC Desire costs £350 from Three Mobile which is my current Pay As You Go provider. Well, ultimately, it depends whether or not they have the stock or if they are still offering the phone for £350.

I still quite like my Samsung Omnia and I am not fussy about it running on Windows Mobile Professional 6.5.3. The TFT Resistive Touch Screen is one of the reasons to blame. It always requires hard pressing on the screen and sending a message sometimes takes ages. I said “sometimes” because occasionally, it works well. The speed is reasonable but I guess Windows products do not have a good reputation on speed. The internal storage is incredible at 8GB and it has a 16GB model. Even at 8GB, I find it hard to fill it up. I could have used it as my media player but the battery life is poor and it does not have a 3.5mm jack. By the way, it feels plasticky and creaky with typing a message. The camera flash is so “brilliant“ that it produces white photos most of the time.

HTC Desire is running on Android and it has an AMOLED Capacitive Touch Screen. AMOLED technology is said to be energy saving. According to some user reviews, HTC Desire battery life is not great either. I guess it will always be difficult not to charge your smartphone daily. The more powerful your smartphone is, the more you want to use it and the faster you drain the battery. In my opinion, Android is the only OS that could compete against iPhone OS. Windows Mobile 7 may be coming out soon but its marketplace is just not great. The applications and games are just bland. One small flaw which should be addressed in the next version of Android is that every application and game has to be installed on the phone memory. It will be tough because HTC Desire does not have 8GB internal storage like the Samsung Omnia. Anyway, it has been dubbed as fast and the flexibility of Android should make it fun. I just cannot wait to get my hands on HTC Desire!

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  1. budapest stag

    The HTC hero I have is running the android operating system firmware version 1.5 (because I live in alaska and we are behind the rest of US telecommunications technology by about 18 months).. I have already tethered internet to my pc via the mini usb cable, but is there a way to supply internet wireless?

  2. Swarovski Crystal

    I want to use my Samsung Omnia as an external GPS but have no idea where to start.How do I use my Samsung Omnia as an external GPS?Thanks.

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