Using HTC Desire …

I called our local Three Store a couple of days ago to check whether or not they have HTC Desire stocks. I was told HTC Desire was sold out and they may have stock on Friday. However, Mee went to town yesterday and I asked her to check out the store and if possible, try to reserve a unit for me to pick up on Friday. Mee was then told that they have stocks and immediately, I asked Mee to purchase one.

I seldom buy things and if I were to buy a gadget, I would spend lots and lots of time reading reviews after reviews in order to make sure that I will have something similar to what I have in mind. HTC Desire is and will be the most expensive mobile phone purchase I had ever made simply because I cannot imagine spending more than that amount of money for a mobile phone unit. At £350, it is a stretch for me and it is a good value considering online stores are selling nearly £400 while a second hand unit which comes with a year warranty costs about the same.

It is now sitting on my work desk. I must admit that this is the first time that I am not so excited about having a new mobile phone. Well, when I got my Samsung Omnia, it was almost glued to my hands. Every now and then, I would search for applications, games, connect it to the computer and go online. But this time round, I was patient and did not give much thought about it. I was willing to wait until Friday or until the Three Store has the stock. In the past, I might have already changed my mind and opted for a second hand unit. I should be downloading applications and games now but it is still sitting nicely on my work desk.

Anyway, this is one of the fastest smartphones I have ever used. Occasionally it judders when switching between screens due to dozens of applications running in the background. It rocks and has no problem multi-tasking. The unit feels solid and connectivity to mobile networks and wireless are easy and quick. I just need more time to get use to the capacitive touch screen and the settings. Overall, I am please with the purchase and I can see why it is receiving rave reviews.

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