Car insurance

Last week, my motor insurance policy was renewed automatically by my previous provider. I have compared various websites but none of them were cheaper than the quote that I was being offered. Well, it is more expensive than last year but it does include breakdown cover at a minimal fee. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to get a cheap auto insurance since the last winter crisis had caused almost all auto insurance provider to increase the premium. Some of my colleagues are not affected maybe because they have the highest no claim discounts. Anyway, I have already paid for the policy and hopefully, it will be cheaper next year.

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    I am a 19 year old boy. My parents are buying me my first car. It is a nice pre-owned car. How does the insurance for the car generally work? Is it required?

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    I have been in contact with the insurance company and here is what they wrote back “The only proof we can accept to remove youthful driver’s is Proof of Other Insurance.” What is the age limit on a youthful driver?

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