New experience …

When I was small, I always imagined of small and high tech stuffs. Essentially, small devices, which can do a lot of things. A bit like Doraemon, that has a pocket with endless magical things. Technology moves faster than you think. Before I knew it, I already own a small device which can do tons of things. Well, it would be the HTC Desire.

The 3.7” screen is suitable for browsing as well as playing games. Bigger screen would be better but it would make it less portable to my liking. For the last two days, I was testing its browsing capability. Oh my, I am absolutely baffled. The browsing experience was like browsing on my netbook. If you have good eyesight, you do not even need to zoom in when browsing. But if you do need to zoom in, just pinch the screen. Easy! Nevertheless, playing videos on does not work on every site. Still, you have a more-than-basic portable browser in your pocket.

Gaming on HTC Desire is not great but sufficient. I still like the physical control buttons but there are games which will get you addicted long enough before you realise.

The thing that I like about portable devices is that I do not have to wait for them to start up. Unlock the screen and you are on your way. Well, the next device on my wish list would be the Apple iPad. I am still hoping for Apple to come up with a version two of Apple iPad which should be better and more notebook-like. For now, I will pass on the first generation of Apple iPad.

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