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When Mee and I were back from New York, I lost about 3 – 4 kgs. It is about two weeks now and I am glad that I have gained the 3 – 4 kgs. It is still a couple of kgs before I reached my personal ideal weight but I am quite relief that gaining weight is quite an easy task for me now. Before this, I think it will take me a month to gain 3 – 4 kgs. I am also particularly proud that I do not have to rely regularly on the supplement. Mee’s cooking alone plus some small meals and fruits in between main meals are enough to keep me going.

Well, I still take supplement as they repair the muscles on each workout. I am also very pleased with my current online supplier. Just today, I received an email about their great offer which I believe that I will be ordering one soon as my supplement is quite low now; PhD Pharma Whey plus PhD Lean Degree for £39.99 and it would have cost £89.99 if buy separately. I am currently using Maximuscle Cyclone but I do not mind changing products on every order. The website is fast too even though there are a lot of ads. One of the ads that caught my attention is the one a day plus dha prenatal vitamins. I am sure that this supplement website does not sell prenatal vitamins. Anyway, if I were to make an order a few days earlier, I would have missed their current offer.

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    There are three substances that are excellent for gaining weight, especially if money is no object. They are: carbohydrates, protein and fat. Buy the tastiest, most addictive foods you can and eat. Taking a multi-vitamin might help keep appetite up if you have some sort of deficiency, but there is no need for supplements. You just have to eat.You might also want to consume lots of salt just before you take the lessons, as that will increase water retention for a few days and boost your weight.

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    Do not take weight loss supplements- the worst way to lose excessive as it is totally not natural. dont be lazy! it is terrible for your health!
    go to the gym get fit, master a hobby your interested in.

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    How do you cope if your partner has noticeably gained weight?Is it possible to still be attracted to your partner when they have gained weight you’re not crazy about?Have you ever split up over weight gain?
    Any thoughts on weight gain in a relationship appreciated.

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