What is good about caravanning?

These days, I have resorted to watching Top Gear for at least an hour a day. There simply not many programs worth watching. Maybe I am not interested in other programs. On some good days, you get lots of nice programs at the same time but different channels. Back in Malaysia, the programs get better towards weekend but here in UK, it is the opposite. I believe you know the reasons. Anyway, from the Top Gear show, I now know that there are nearly 1 million caravans owners in the UK and it is summer now. We could almost see one each time we are on the road. In USA, it may be better known as motorhomes or recreational vehicle.

Just last week, there were about 6 to 10 caravans parked at a nearby field where the residents use the field for footballs and other sports activities. I wonder if they were there illegally because there are no facilities for those caravaners to throw their rubbish, or electricity or even waste management system on the field. At the end of the day, they left a hill height of rubbish on site. I wonder if their motorhome insurance would cover any damages that might occur on an illegal caravanning site. But what is the fun of caravanning when you can just sit at home and doing the same thing. Most importantly, you are still in the UK!

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