Office update and my HTC Desire …

Internet connection was available at my workplace today. I was still working in the computing room but hopefully, I will be able to move into my office tomorrow. Most of my colleagues should be back from their holiday and they will be in the office tomorrow. There is also a planned power shut down on Wednesday and Thursday and I wonder what we will be doing on those two days. In the next couple of weeks or so, the access control system will also be in place and soon enough, staffs will be carrying a different ‘identity card’. And our whereabouts in the college are only within a few clicks on the system.


Apart from work, I have also been doing a great deal of work on my HTC Desire. Well, the work that I have done is merely rooting and flashing a custom ROM. The real works are done by the great developers out there who programmed and customised ROMs and applications that make Android phones even easier to use. Super Circle Battery Mod is one of the examples. The default Android battery is only showing a battery bar indicator with percentage. With the Super Circle Battery Mod, it changes the battery bar indicator into a round battery with percentage. As the battery power goes lower and lower, it changes colours too. With the mod, I could easily monitor my HTC Desire battery performance as well as eliminating the need of having a battery widget which will take up some spaces in the home screen. Head over to All My Reviews for more information about the works which I have done on my HTC Desire, head over to All My Reviews. Links are available at the bottom right RSS Feeder.

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