More downtime …

The last couple of days were a little bit of havoc. On Wednesday, I had to work in a small secluded room next to the server and yesterday, the whole area was out of electricity for half a day when we were told that the power would resume at 1000. Anyway, I wasted half a day and I had to move my PC to another room for the next half because the power was resume partially. Today, I am back in my office and for our information, the servers will be down next Monday and Tuesday which means, we are not able to do anything during those two days. I have though because the servers that will be down contain the software that we use. Basically, the servers contain the student data.

If we are lucky, everything should be up and running when the last week of August arrives. Otherwise, we might be stuck with more downtime and I will have nothing to do because I have cleared up my desk, almost.

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