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Recently, I have started working on All My Reviews blog again. As you can see, there are new updates about once a week. In my opinion, it is a great space for me to publish any kind of reviews on the latest movies that I have watched as well as the latest gadgets that I have owned. As you may have already noticed, my recent posts were all about HTC Desire. More will be coming because there is just so much to talk about this great phone.

Among the reviews, you could also find one or two about my netbook reviews, the Samsung NC10. It is a great netbook even though it is slow but I have been patient. It was previously installed with Windows XP but I have upgraded it to Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2007. I must say that my Samsung NC10 is working better in Windows 7 compared to Windows XP or MacOS86. I read from some netbook forums indicating that Windows 7 is not compatible with Samsung NC10 but I believe they are wrong. The Samsung NC10 Windows 7 drivers can be found in its website and each of the ports is working well with Windows 7. Hmm… this has given me an idea to write an article about my netbook Samsung NC10 and Windows 7.

Movies reviews are once of those things which take more time than writing the other types of reviews. For me, I have to watch a movie at least twice in order to fully aware and understand the flow of the movie. And that is the reason that I am slow when it comes to publishing movie reviews. Besides, I am busy with my work these days. My target is to update All My Reviews at least once a week and keep My Ideas 4 You as it is.

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