Some Desire’s experience …

It has been a month since I bought my HTC Desire. As usual, after using a gadget for sometime, less care will be taken when using it. At the very least, I have the screen protector on it. One of the reasons that I use the screen protector is that the HTC Desire’s screen itself is fingerprint magnet. Initially, I thought the screen protector was a bad idea because it was sticky even though it does not attract fingerprint. The more I use it, the less sticky it is and now, it is smooth without the need to polish the screen every now and then.

I believe I am quite comfortable with the Android scene. It is obviously much more user friendly than Windows Mobile phone and the settings are very much straightforward. The market is a lot of fun with tons of applications and games to download and try. Most free applications or games come with advertisement. I believe the advertisement will be catered to the types of games or applications that you are running. When I was playing fashion games, the advertisement that came up was about prom dresses and also recommending other similar games. I am quite impressed how HTC Desire copes with running both the games and advertisement at the same time. It is almost seamless. But bear in mind that if you have your mobile network connection switched on while playing games with advertisement, you are likely to loose some network data allowance.

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