A year on

I go to the gym about 6 times a week. However, my free weights session is only once a week and I attend classes for the rest five sessions in the gym. As I only do free weights once a week, I always make sure that I carry as much weight as I can. However, I do not quite see myself any bigger even though I carry more weights each week. Well, maybe because I am used to my skinny self for the past 20 odd years and my current weight gain is not too significant to make a difference. Or maybe I just do not eat quite enough yet for my muscle to grow. Questions and questions but I think the answers lie in me. Anyway, I felt much more confident than before, now that I am in the correct range of BMI.

People always have the impression that office workers are always going to end up with big tummy while people in production jobs or logistic have good figure. Or am I the only one that has the impression? A lot of people told me that I will get fat in colder country. Some also said that men will get fat when approaching thirties or in the thirties. Well, none of that really applies to me. My brother is in his thirties but he is skinny. I guess it all comes down to the gene at the end of the day. If I had not joined the gym and start to exercise, I do not really think that I will gain weight through my current diet and supplements intake. Mind you, I have reduced my supplements intake and I am still able to maintain my weight. It is just so funny that most people exercise trying to get rid of some weight while I exercise to gain weight.

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