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Just few days ago, I had a sudden urge to look at the types of laptop available in the market these days. The availability of Intel Atom Duo Core makes my Samsung NC10 outdated. However, I am still glad that my Pentium Duo Core E5200 2.50GHz is still doing pretty well even though Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 are much more desirable now. I am new to these chips but what I do know is that i3 is sort of low-end performance while i5 and i7 represent medium and high-end performance respectively. To me, they are just expensive.

Cheap laptops are available everywhere. By cheap, I mean anything below £400. I browsed and browsed and any laptops below £400 are just rubbish. A decent one could cost about £550. The brand with the highest price but low specs would be Sony. Dell and Lenovo are the ones to look for. I just hope one day, Dell would actually allow its customers to fully customise the laptops and computers. At the moment, any customisation made would result in an increase of price. Anyway, forking out £550 for a laptop is not getting me anywhere. I might spend a couple of hundred pounds more and buy myself a MacBook.

It is funny that after spending a few hours researching the types of laptops that might suit me, I abandoned the idea. If you were to ask me about iPad, which costs £429 for the cheapest model, I would not hesitate much in spending the £429.

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    I am going to use this laptop primarily to play World of War-craft. My budget is anything less than $900. What provider/brand would you recommend?Thanks.

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