I have started to take my pharma-whey protein supplements daily again. I reckon that I did not have enough of protein from my food intake in order for my muscle to grow. My weight is still the same; it has not dropped or gained. I just would like my muscle to be more balance. Sometimes, I just wonder if my weight gain has actually made any difference. Occasionally, I felt that I am the same skinny person but I just keep telling myself that it is because I look at myself everyday to notice the difference.

In some health magazine, they talk about the side effects of phentermine in which phentirmene do not have. I am just curious as to why they would want to have an almost identical spelling yet one is better than the other by miles. Anyway, phentermine or phentirmene is claimed to be effective for obese patients, which does not really apply to me. Consuming supplements together with proper schedule of workout should do me good. However, recently, I am a bit under pressure due to my workload. I try to have snacks between meals but it just does not happen most of the time. I guess I just have to try harder. Hopefully, the tough times will be over soon.

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  1. Indoor Helicopter

    I must say im not a fan of i-supplements… ive only ordered from them once and there was a problem with my order. They pretty much told me “tough luck.” Just be cautious..

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