I look like a busy man. I have not even had the time to write about Mee and my New York trip. I guess that I have forgotten most of it already. I think the pictures might help me to recall some part of it. I do remember that a couple of weeks before going to New York, I thought about getting a binocular or scopes. In my opinion, it would be great for viewing high-rise building or the statue of liberty. Some forum posters advised on getting a binocular or scope could enhance the overall trip’s experience. After the trip, I felt that binocular might be a nice addition. However, it is not essential considering that you might have a map on one hand and a camera on the other, which does not help much.

Well, guess what, I am so tired of looking at the website that I developed at work that I decided to use my own time to design another layout. And it does not really help if I were to finish up writing the New York trip.

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  1. mickbuely

    hello and merry xmas to every one – hope yous had a good christmas – just back from tenerefe weather crap , all the best for 2012 –

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