Vitamins and supplements

Busy is that word that sums up Mee and my daily life. I was busy with work and Mee too. While she is working temporarily in my workplace, she still works part time in a supermarket as well as taking care of our daily meals. Sometimes, I believe that the supplements that we take each day do help us in some way to keep us healthy. I always like to mention that the PHD catalyst supplements are one of the multivitamins that made me feel the difference. By the way, it is not just multivitamins; it consists of some essential ingredients, which help to burn fat and gain strength.

Vitamin B is also quite essential. I started taking vitamin B more than five years ago. One of the problems is there are so many types of vitamin B. In the end, I choose vitamin B-complex. There is also the biotin supplement which is a water soluble B-complex and also known as vitamin B7. The thing that I find out about vitamin B is that it keeps me awake for most part of the day. I was once told that vitamin B has to be taken with folic acid. I wonder how true it was because all I read about folic acid was about pregnancy. Anyway, that is just my opinion but I just do not feel quite comfortable with the folic acid.

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    Generally the supplement are meant for bodybuilding or sorting out other purposes like this. For other than bodybuilding purpose i don’t prefer supplement. You should take vegetable and fruits for this.

  2. Paintball Sheffield

    I’ve been having some health problems and am now taking vitamins (E and folic acid), as well as supplements (cranberry and yeast), and well as a low daily dose of antibiotics (preventative measure to keep from getting sick). What’s the best time of day to take these pills? In the morning, before I go to work, or in the evening before sleeping?

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