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Monday seems to be always a bad day to start the week. Problems are exceptionally more than other days of the week. Maybe not every time but almost. I get to watch one of my favourite shows; The Gadget Show, so that is fair enough. However, there is almost nothing else on the tv programme list that attracts me enough after that. Funnily, I am quite awake now.

In addition to the tyre booking that I made last week, I booked a brake check as well as an exhaust check. Friday was the day and it did not go too well, but it did go as what I had anticipated. Some parts need to be changed. But it could go worst though. Anyway, the exhaust is fine which I expect it does not. The rear drum brakes and wheel bearing needed to be changed and I ended up paying a couple of hundred pounds. I must say that I am very pleased with the service that I received. Things that need to be changed will need to be changed. The irritating sound while driving has gone. The handling is much better now and brake responses better. I was advised that the front disc brakes would need to be replaced in a year’s time. I guess the clutch will need to be replaced first.

There is always a question in my mind each time my car needs a new part: Why pay so much to repair the car when the car itself does not cost much? Well, I guess that I only need a car that runs fine and economy. I am crazy about cars but I always look for the cheaper yet good option.

Now for the tyres. When I bought the car, it had four Avon ZV3 tyres. One of the front tyres wore faster than the other. I checked the service bills and on several occasion, the owner of the car was only getting one tyre. Is it a car problem or tyre problem? I am not sure though. Anyway, avoid Avon ZV3. It is loud and performs like budget tyres. More importantly, it is quite expensive. In the last heavy snow period, it did bring me home but not without several scares. It slipped once a while and the grip was not brilliant. Alright, it is not a tyre meant for snow but other cars seem to handle the snow pretty well. On wet weather, the grip is normal too. On uneven road, it trembles and sometimes, the tyres seem to have their own sense of directions when I accelerate or brake.

Now, I have two front Avon ZV3 tyres and two rear UniRoyal RainExpert tyres. I could feel the difference immediately. The back is much quieter and the ride is much smoother. The grip is great but it is let down by Avon ZV3. I am not sure whether it is just me but the car responses better during acceleration. The front Avon ZV3 tyres still has a long way to go. Certainly, that will be the last Avon ZV3 tyres that I will ever have on my car.

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