Mee and I were in the town yesterday. There were sales almost in every shop. We wonder if it had something to do with Christmas or they were trying to clear their summer stocks. Wilkinson had their gardening goods offered up to 75%. Elsewhere, the O2 store seemed to always have people in the queue. On the other hand, iStore was full of people, trying out the gadgets on display. Furniture shops seemed to be a bit quiet even though they were having huge sales on carpets and cabin furniture. Still, not many hanging around in the shops.

I like to go to the town with a purpose. I do not really like windows shopping unless it is about gadgets. Coming weekend, I might sell off my Samsung Omnia in exchange for a pair of sport shoes. My current sport shoes is causing a bit of problem to my legs when I am doing high energy classes. I need a much flatter and better cushioning sport shoes. I kind of made up my mind that my next purchase would be Asics. Most of the gym instructors are wearing the latest series of Asics sport shoes. I have tried out a pair or two when I was in town yesterday and they felt good. Sometimes, I wonder if they were really good or they were good because they are new.

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  1. Salon Apparels

    Me and my friend are trying to sale some of our junk to get some money for a concert. We could use some great tips?

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