It’s been quite a while since I last posted. Time really flies. I always say that but it’s really true. I have not called home for weeks now. I have been taking my supplements for two weeks now yet it seems like it’s only yesterday when it was delivered. Soon, it will be Christmas. Most of my colleagues are already planning their holidays. The social committee at my workplace has organised a London trip at the end of November. Both Mee and I have booked ourselves in the trip. Not that we have any Christmas shopping to do but it’s cheap for a one-day London trip. Hmm… I wonder what I will get for myself this Christmas. There are already dozens of rumours speculating an iPad 2 might be introduced just before Christmas.

Since taking my new supplements, I have been training even harder. I wonder if it is the supplements or the increase in the weight that I lift, I could feel my muscles are bigger and a little bit firmer. In the past, I only trained for an hour but nowadays, I can train up to two hours. But I am still sad to say, I have not gained any significant weight. For fat burner tips and advises, you might want to click here for some information, though I won’t be needing them. And by the way, the gym was forced to close last Monday due to a chemical leak. It’s weird that the staff did not try to explain to us when we were about to go in. He just told us that it will be closed for the day. Everything seems to be working fine but I don’t think Mee and I will be visiting the health suite anytime soon as the chemical leak happened inside the health suite.

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