Tonight’s the night

Tonight, Mee and I and our colleagues will be going to the local Ex-Services Club to have a go at skittles. It is something like bowling without the high-tech mechanism stuffs. Mee and I have never played it before and tonight is the best chance to try it out. Apparently, there are more than 20 staffs playing and I wonder if the place is big enough to accommodate all of us. I guess it should since they have organised it before already. Well, we shall see.

Our vitamin supplements supply is kind of low now. We have to stock some in this weekend. Hmm… it seems like I am taking a lot of supplements. But I just thought, they are supplements and not some kind of drugs. I still remember the last time Mee and I bought some supplements, we were given a voucher of prenatal vitamins. Normally, we would only get a voucher for beauty products. Is prenatal vitamins a popular supplements nowadays?

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