Skittles and some complaints

Skittles night gone and we kind of enjoyed it, though it was not as fun as bowling. We had a good laugh and that’s what count on a night like that. This week is a school holiday and my workplace is quiet again. We get many car park spaces too. Even though it is quiet, the workloads have just kept on piling. I guess I am just too focused on one particular task, which has caused some delays in other tasks. Once again, the network will be down on Thursday and Friday. Some staffs are advised to take leaves on those two days. I have to take because without the network, I have nothing to do at all.

The new principal has affected many areas and IT infrastructure is one of them. Apparently, a lot of money is spent but I can’t really see the benefit of it. The network will be taken down because of the incompetent of the IT engineers. They could not complete their job in the time frame set and it causes some of the staffs to take unnecessary leaves. The new principal likes to see changes and yet we hardly see the changes except the changes that we made. In fact, a lot of things are going downhill.

Well, enough for the complaints. Mee and I had our first Monday’s body attack class in weeks. A few unfamiliar faces but it is still the best workout of all. Tomorrow will be a session of yoga which kinds of balance it out, we hope. Back in the locker room, there was a guy consuming hgh supplements which claims to help to increase muscle size. He is already quite muscular and I cannot imagine him getting any bigger. As for now, protein powder is sufficient for me.

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