Cold days

The weather has been really cold. For the past couple of days, I had to scrap the ice off my car’s windscreen. It rained at night and by morning; the water had turned to ice. Today, however, has been a raining day. While driving to work, there were people using umbrellas, rain coats as well as rain boots. I guess you can imagine how heavy the rain was. It is still raining now, though not as heavy as this morning.

I have just booked my car in for another job. This time, it is the clutch. The car is already 11 years old and there is no record of clutch change by the previous owner. Furthermore, the car judders from stand still and it judders even more on slope. I guess it is time to change and I was quoted about 300 pounds which I think is quite reasonable. I did not bother to look around because that workshop is the one that I always go. The location is not great and I just hope that they have a spare car to lend to me.

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