A day in London …

Mee and I went to Westfield Shopping Centre yesterday. It is huge and it was crowded even though it was weekday. Immediately, we noticed a long queue outside Hollister and Co. There were no sales or gifts going on and we were wondering what actually attracted all the people queuing to get into the store. So, we went into Apple Store to use the internet and look up the store. Well, apparently, it is the same company as Abercrombie & Fitch and it is just a trend where people queue to buy the apparels.

Well, we were not interested in queuing for Hollister and Co. but certainly, I was attracted to the new 11’ Apple Macbook Air. Sometimes, you just have to see it in order to believe it. I always know about Macbook Air and how ideal it would be if I owned one. But the price is always the crucial factor. Seeing the new Macbook Air really made me think that it is worth every penny. It’s fast, solid, thin and light. My Samsung NC10 netbook is painfully slow now and that will be my very first excuse to buy an Apple Macbook Air.

As soon as we left Apple Store, we did some window-shopping and had our lunch at Yo! Sushi. We then left Westfield and headed to Chinatown to buy some food that we could not get in Basingstoke. We had our dinner at Rasa Sayang and went back home after that.

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