Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Currently, I am using Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 on my Samsung NC10. Over the past couple of months, my Samsung NC10 has been performing poorly. In fact, it was after I installed Windows 7 on it. Indeed, Windows 7 was fast but it became slower and slower after I installed some Samsung applications as well as Virgin Media Security tools. Part of the reason, I believe, was caused by me forcing Samsung Magic Keyboard installation onto Windows 7. Samsung Magic Keyboard is a Windows XP application. Until, I still have no idea what the applications does. I thought it was supposed to control the FN combinations keys but I was wrong.

Anyway, I now have Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 with dual boot capability. I still need Windows 7 as I am still very new to this Linux environment. Windows 7 will offer more compatibility in terms of software and hardware I suppose. Comparing the two, Ubuntu Netbook Edition is much quieter and faster. I have had OpenOffice installed on Windows 7 but it took a good couple of minutes to open. Ubuntu? It just takes seconds. Ubuntu Netbook Edition has clean interface and the Netbook Edition means that it is a customised installation which will work well on a netbook. However, a lot of users still prefer the desktop edition which provides more controls and functionalities. Thankfully, I can easily switch between Netbook Edition and Desktop Edition.

I guess from now on, Ubuntu will be my main netbook operating system. I will also be interested to see it on my desktop pc. It won’t be now because Mee probably will not feel too comfortable when using another type of operating system.

One of the nice things to have is the Ubuntu Software Centre. It functions like mobile market place where you can search for available applications, download and install them onto your copy of Ubuntu. It will also check for updates. Better yet, you will not get advertisement about rv insurance, games, promotion items and the likes like what you would normally get when trying to download an application or a game from the mobile market. In short, it is ad-free. I read an article about the new Macbook Air today and it mentioned that Apple has plan to introduce a software marketplace in their next version of MacOS. The new MacOS interface will also be touch friendly where users will be able to utilise the multi-touch pad to navigate around. Well, it looks like Apple is trying to keep up with Linux’s ideas.s

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