Getting near

Christmas is coming. It is about one and a half month from now. Already, there are sales advertisement going on and on, on every tv channel. The most popular ones I believe are furnitures and kitchens equipment like sofas and copper kitchen sink. The prices are incredible low during this time of the year and sometimes, it just makes me wonder if they have already marked up the price before going on sales. After all, who would want to make losses in business?

Mee and I met one of our previous housemates in town several weeks ago. She and her husband have bought a one bed flat nearby. Apparently, she is on her hsmp visa while her husband is a dependent. I wonder what gave them the courage to just go out and buy the flat since they are not yet a permanent resident or British citizen. Anyway, that’s how they want to live their life. It’s not bad but it’s just insecure to me.

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