Desktop Managers

I wonder if you have used Windows Desktop Manager on Windows XP before. It is a Power Toy tools that enable users to have up to four separate desktops controlled through the taskbar. For example, you could run Internet Explorer in desktop 1 and Adobe Photoshop in desktop 2. Both desktop 1 and desktop 2 are completely different. In desktop 1, you could not see what is on desktop 2 until you switch over. That is like having two monitors and as mentioned, it allows up to four separate desktops. Well, I used it before, but I was not impressed by it. Programs overlapped and taskbar could not handle it very well. Worst still, it slowed down the system.

Unsurprisingly, I am about to mention Ubuntu. Needless to say, it is lightning fast even on my netbook. Mind you, when I was using Windows Desktop Manager, I was using a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz computer. It is also very flexible where I can just drag any programs across all the four desktops. This has become very useful especially netbook users. Right now, I have Gimp in desktop 1, Google Chrome in desktop 2 and Open Office in desktop 3 with desktop 4 to spare. I can switch between desktops without having to minimise the work I am doing at the moment. I am typing a blog post now but I am also looking at ephedra diet pills information. In a matter of seconds, I can also be designing some graphics using Gimp. Someday, I might try Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows 7. It could be interesting.

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