Since Mee and I came to UK, we consume vitamins almost everyday. In the beginning, we just bought whatever brands that we thought the price was right. But now, we simply stick to one brand and that’s it. The truth is, we do not even know whether or not the vitamins that we take, help us in anyway. However, if we stop taking the vitamins for a week or two, we definitely feel the effect of it. That makes us wonder if we had relied to much on the vitamins that we consume. For example, I have to have vitamin B to boost my energy during the day. In addition, I need vitamin C to keep my nose from running (if that’s the correct way of saying), and vitamin E to keep my lips from breaking into pieces. And just recently we started taking glucosamine because I think we exercise too much. Anyway, is one of the good websites where you can check the information on the types of vitamins. If you like, you could order directly from them, saving the hassles of ordering vitamins from different retailers.

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