When I first started working in UK, one of my colleagues asked about my birthday. She then proceeded to her desk and added my birthday to a list of all colleagues’ birthdays. After that, she printed the list, photocopied it and gave it to all colleagues. Every now and then, the list will be updated. I suppose Mee will get added to the list soon. There will also be a collection when anyone reaches their thirties, forties or fifties. One of their favourite ideas when comes to purchasing these 1 year gifts is vouchers. In my opinion, vouchers are much better gifts because we never know what the receivers really like to have for their birthdays. Next year, it will be my thirtieth birthday. I wonder what they have in store for me except for the usual trick; sticking photos around the corridor and doors leading to our office. Honestly, my birthday will be a headache for them. I don’t talk a lot usually, so they probably don’t know much about me though we are in the same office for more than three years now. Anyway, it’s good experience and I will cherish every moment when it comes.

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