London day

It is so cold right now. Mee and I went to London last Saturday and it was very cold indeed. Right after we alight from the bus, we desperately tried to find an indoor area. We might even go back to the bus if it was colder. Unfortunately, the nearest place was Winter Wonderland. We stayed close to each other and we walked around the Winter Wonderland. Well, it did not impress us much despite the fancy advertisement as well as fancy website suggested that there will be hours of entertainment. The only thing that interested us on that day was curly fries, but then we were told the wait for 20 minutes as they had only just opened the stall. We could not wait, so we left. In fact, we left Winter Wonderland about 20 minutes after entering.

Most of our time was spent in Oxford Street and Chinatown. We did go to Covent Garden briefly but there were not much exciting things to see. Bear in mind that our purpose of going to London was not for shopping. While walking around Oxford Street, we received free gifts from various high street outlets. We got free coffees with cinnamon flavour from Starbuck which we both agreed that they were not nice. Body Shop was giving our free shampoo and conditioner samples and some stores were giving out acne cream samples. American Express were giving out free recycle bags and Coca-cola were, of course, giving out Coca-cola.

Almost the whole stretch of Oxford Street was closed on that day. It helped a lot as shoppers got more spaces to walk without having to worry about the traffic. However, towards the end of the day, Oxford Street was extremely crowded and I believe most of the crowds were just there to join in the fun.

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