Snowing heavily now

It is snowing heavily now. I wonder if the place where I work will be closed tomorrow, though we had already received an email saying that it will be opened no matter what. Well, there have been a lot of debates since the email circulated around the staffs. One of the things mentioned was that staffs who managed to come to work are expected to clear the snow. What kind of expectation was that? Of course, the email was then bombarded with dozens of comments about health and safety. Anyway, I wonder what will happen tomorrow. I am supposed to go to a conference in Reading with two of my colleagues but I guess it will be cancelled.

Oh, by the way, I am about to order my supplement. Any order above certain amount will automatically get a free magazine and free next day delivery. I doubt that this weather will allow them to deliver on time. Well, it happened to me when I purchased from them last year. It was delayed by several days and the customer service had not been very helpful. I guess I couldn’t blame them as they wouldn’t know when it will be safe for their driver to deliver the goods since it was snowing almost every night. On the website, it has information about which provides acne treatment reviews. These reviews are sometimes important especially when there are so many types of treatment products in the market. And you never know which one is good. Sometimes, the more expensive items may not be the best until you actually try them.

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