Cold weather

I listened to the radio this morning and it was advised that anyone should avoid going into London city by driving unless necessary. I guess it had something to do with the snow as I didn’t get to listen to the first part of the message. The weather now is so unpredictable. Just yesterday, there was some light snow. One of my colleagues’ garage door openers are damaged and she finds it hard to get someone to fix it in this kind of weather. And because of the weather, Mee is sick at the moment; a bit of fever and sore throat. I am not feeling well too but I am trying to keep myself warm by wearing more clothes than usual.

Well, we can’t totally blame the weather though. I think we just don’t have the proper equipment to deal with this cold weather. I will be going to purchase a duvet after work today but I don’t remember that we suffered from the cold weather without a duvet last year. Anyway, landlord has to be blamed too. The heating is set so that it only runs from 7am to around 10am and from 630pm to around 11pm. Funnily, weekends’ heating starts from 530pm. I believe the landlord has also set the temperature because as I said, we don’t feel that cold last year when staying indoor.

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    The chill winds have affected many American and European regions which has in turn affected travel and airlines industry a lot.

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    Does cold weather make the people stopping from going work out in the gym?I was just wondering if anyone would skip or stop going to the gym due to the cold weather.Because I see some decreasing of people at my gym.

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